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MPA DS9 Co-Witness Optic Owner Question


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I am exploring the purchase of a MPA DS9 in 9mm with the co-witness optic set up.  The current factory options are Vortex, Trijicon, and Leopold.  Looking for input from owners that have this set up, what optic did you choose and how happy are you with the combo?


If this is not the right forum to ask this question I apologize in advance.


Thank you!

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just got a ds9 and shot my first match (2 gun) with it last weekend.  pretty nice blaster.  i did not get the co-witness but just a 'regular' plate for a SRO (just wanted to get the optic as far back from the ejection port as possible).  i also got a regular height fiber optic front.  didn't want a tall sight hanging up in a holster.  i am happy with that combo and the fitment.

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