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*from another forum because I don't feel like writing a new intro*


As for comps, I have shot very little outside LE range master s#!t talking. Shooting my 1st match in July (The Tactical Games in Bend OR). 


Lots or ruger mentions in this text, sorry refer to 1st line. 


Just wanted to get my 1st post. This is more like an about me. 


I have a small collection of 50+ guns, a mixed bag of rifles, pistols, Scatter guns, with one Muzzy. 


Ruger wise I have - (oldest to newest) 1994 Mini14 Ranch we won at an NRA banquet. It's stainless and has a NRA insignia stamped into the receiver. I've been trying to find out more about it because it seems pretty rare. That being said I shoot it and enjoy the gun. 


The night at the banquet we ended up leaving with 4 guns in total, two Rugers. The other was a stainless 10/22 (like brother and stainless sister). 


We already had another 10/22 we bought at Kmart in the 80s.


Next comes a 1st Gen LC9 with CT laser trigger guard and XS big dot sights. I bought this after great anticipation because I wasn't all that impressed with the LCP because of 380 chambering. In 2008 the small compact EDC pistol market wasn't flooded yet and the LCP, 9, R were looking to be front runners. I had just got off probation as a corrections officer and could freely carry a gun off duty. I carried it in a cross breed @ 3:30 for almost 7 years until I got my dream job. Continue reading at the bottom of this long post. I will mention my dream job as an Easter egg 😉


In 2017 (I think) bought a Ruger Precision Rifle in 308, again after much anticipation and about a 6 month wait. I put a Vortex 4x24 30mm tube $1k scope, Seekins rings and was more than excited to shoot. I broke in the barrel with Remington 308 168 match ammo. We knew the ammo was average at best but perfect for barrel break-in. After the break-in, the gun wouldn't group. Seriously, like 2moa. It wasn't me, I had a confirmed expert shooter try and got only marginal 2moa groups. The best we ever could get out of this ammo in our AI guns was 1.20-1.50moa. So the ammo wasn't great, but I was disappointed with my new Ruger. We tried everything to make it group. We swapped scopes to a Schmidt And Bender we had on hand getting the same results (WTF)! 


Luckily we had access to a Hawkeye borescope. As it turns out, the barrel had a football shaped casting flaw in the middle. It probably was only 2-3mm in length. So I pulled off all my new gear and sent her back. 3 weeks later I got a RPR that shot well .80moa with factory and .60moa with my hand loads. Yeah, I'm happy with it now. 


Little about me - 


Currently 46 (male) married with (2) boys. I've been shooting since age 9. I didn't find my calling until I did a bunch of bulls#!t jobs (paper boy, pizza punk, busboy, file clerk, delivery driver). 


Eventually as a delivery driver my car was breaking down so much I need you to find a way to fix it because it definitely couldn't afford to. Through a mutual friend I found a guy who was working on race cars and eventually opened his own auto shop. I worked with him for about three years until midnight every single night while he was opening his business. He taught me everything about the automotive repair trade and some stuff about being a man. After 11 years as a professional auto tech / dealer diagnostic specialist, I moved to law enforcement. After 6 years in corrections our agency was taken over by the local sheriff's office. I was officially deputized after a 2nd background investigation and with eventual luck given my dream job. I was selected as a firearms instructor and even better, reassigned as a full time Rangemaster. I worked full time for 5 years at the range and it was busy AF. 1500+ qualifications a year. 45+ official classes taught by 4 of us. Weapon maintenance, cataloging, upgrading organization, R&D & T&E. The hardest, best job you could ever have. Our annual ammo contract was 1 million with Olin. We would shoot and BBQ, work our asses off. My shoulder still hurts from bench sighting 40 short barrel 590A1 shotguns with slugs.


I was eventually promoted to Sgt and reassigned to one of the worst jobs, Internal Affairs 😬


What a ride, I feel like I should write a book 😂


Glad to be here. You rock if you read this post. 




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