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Zev OZ9, would like to hear someone’s experience with this pistol

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Hey Dave, I have the MBK which was basically the frame, already had a Zev slide set up for a DPP, but a Zev barrel in it. Locking lug sheared off the first obe and the replaced it, with a newer design. Other than that, zero issues.

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Used mine for 10 local matches. I had failure to extract multiple times per match the first 3 or 4 matches. I switched to a Zaffiri Precision billet extractor and it’s been flawless that past 6 matches ~900 rounds. It’s definitely a more natural grip angle and shoots softer than the Glock, but still has the low bore height so it recovers quicker for me than compared to my P320 AXG PRO that weighs like 12 ozs more. 

The grip is a little large/block for me, so my finger is a bit stretched out. I wear medium sized gloves for reference.

It virtually uses all Glock parts so maintenance is super simple and parts readily available.


My only real complaint at this time is that Zev has only released a small batch of the tungsten infused grip module 6 months ago and haven’t heard of any plans for more. I did break their lightweight striker dry firing without a snapcap which they replaced right away.

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I picked up one and a DR920 for the wife who shoots the Glock platform. Only about 5k rounds through hers, Timney trigger, tungsten guide rod and some softer springs. No issues yet. It shoots noticably softer than DR920.  I really like the frame system, and the fact you can stipple or SC a grip and keep a factory spare.  They aren't cheap, that's for sure, but I think that steel framed platform makes it softer shooting and gives you some options you wouldn't otherwise have. As others noted, I've read of issues with the skeletonized striker and the extractor - and have replacements for both , but no breakage yet so still using the stock ones.

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