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USPSA Nationals at Cameo and high-capacity magazines


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This story is getting some traction on local news outlets: https://www.westernslopenow.com/news/local-news/colorado-sheriff-and-senator-clash-over-high-capacity-ammo-law/


and more: https://www.westernslopenow.com/news/local-news/upcoming-shooting-event-faces-scrutiny/



Rachel Gonzales with Colorado Parks and Wildlife, which oversees the Cameo Shooting Range, confirmed to KREX last Friday, June 3 that large capacity rounds are illegal and that rangers would not allow them at the range.




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Thanks for posting this. It will be interesting to see what USPSA says about this. I am going to close the thread for now and if there is any new factual information that needs to be shared, we (the management) will make sure it gets posted.



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