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Limcat 2011 grip not smooth with Everglades MRH Holster


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Hello, does anyone use Limcat 2011 Stainless Steel grip with Everglades MRH Holster? It's so smooth with my PT grip 2011, but not smooth with the Limcat grip(2/10 times). I measure the grip trigger guard, they are the same width, only difference is the inner shape of the trigger guard which contact the stainless ball bearing, does anyone know how to fix this? 


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Easy fix. Disassble the MRH and slightly sand down the surface that makes contact with the front of the trigger guard when holstering. The part that needs sanding is the thing that holds the metal ball in place.  Key point is to sand a little, reassmble and test. You dont want to remove too much material. 


Also, after the modification, the holster will still work perfectly fine with PT and other grips. Attached are photos for reference. Part to be modified is circled in photos.



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Photos and additional details added.
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