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Using old "stale" powder


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Well, I picked up some old WW452AA that a friend had used for trap loads. I used tons of it back in the '80's for 45ACP. Great powder for that.

I'm guessing the powder is 30-something years old. 

It came in an opened 10 lb. (about half empty) hard cardboard factory container, and not plastic or metal.

It smelled a little "sharp", as in acidic, when I got it, but the container had not been opened for an unknown amount of time. Since then, the smell has gotten more "normal" like the other recent powders that I have.

Jus tying to get an understanding of any possible problems I may run into.

Thanks for the replies...

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i used to have that exact can-it's actually 8 lbs.  i had 452AA and still have a lb or so left-great for steel gun or other light loads.  use it in my 3gun pistol and i figure that lot is from the 90's.

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Does it look normal? Not rusty looking or clumped together? Normally when you get an acrid odor that burns your nose and eyes that means it’s breaking down but if it’s aired out it may be ok. Just need to try some. I had some IMR 4320 from the early 80’s that the inside of can and powder had a rusty coating on it. Loaded it up and it shot fine.  Also still have some odds and ends from the 70’s-80’s that’s still fine. 

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About a year ago I found an unsealed  12 lb keg of 700-X in original old looking can that has surface rust. I believe it is more than 30 yrs old. I tested and chronoed it and fortunately I was getting consistent reading.. I found the attached article useful when buying old powder.



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