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30 LPI Checkering Question

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For those who hand checker 30 LPI, do you just use the checkering file or do you finish up with the single line file? It seems I am having problems getting good pyramid points just using the 30 LPI checkering file and the single line file takes a huge amount of skill not to screw up the checkering pattern, however, I seem to get sharper points. Any thoughts/suggestions/pointers?

Thanks for the help.

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Now you understand why folks charge so much for checkering....


A single three-square file is necessary for the precision to clean up checkering that has any depth to it.  40 lpi CAN be done to completion with a checkering file, but it is very shallow.


You probably COULD do it all with a checkering file, but any misalignment during the stroke is going to cause twenty problems, not just one (if you can see where I'm going with that.

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You must use a single file. Get a good one and make sure it’s clean and sharp. Get a coulple different courseness (sp)  files too. Go slow and make up your lines w Dykem or a sharpie often. 

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