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30 LPI Checkering Question


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For those who hand checker 30 LPI, do you just use the checkering file or do you finish up with the single line file? It seems I am having problems getting good pyramid points just using the 30 LPI checkering file and the single line file takes a huge amount of skill not to screw up the checkering pattern, however, I seem to get sharper points. Any thoughts/suggestions/pointers?

Thanks for the help.

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Now you understand why folks charge so much for checkering....


A single three-square file is necessary for the precision to clean up checkering that has any depth to it.  40 lpi CAN be done to completion with a checkering file, but it is very shallow.


You probably COULD do it all with a checkering file, but any misalignment during the stroke is going to cause twenty problems, not just one (if you can see where I'm going with that.

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if i might suggest...i found it very important to ensure that the 30LPI checkering you've effected is truly full depth.


Sometimes it feels as though you've achieved full depth based on effort however you may not have.


At that point the curved single point file seems to track much easier.


Please make sure that i orient the checkering to my body such that my hand and arm can draw or push axially with minimal to no deviation.

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