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Domina Ammo Question


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While I am still mulling over conversion in my other thread for financial reasons - I have been seeing folks mention some 9mm major ammo issue which brings me to this question


Has anyone tried the Everglades or Black Dot 9mm Major Ammo in a Domina/Stock 2 converted to open running MBX 170mm mags





Seems like round nose is the preferred, but I am on a limited budget and very limited time so the option to roll my own is not available to me.


If it matters, if I can find a way to swing a Domina it would be the "base" one that is blue not the Xtreme version.  Most likely ordering from Patriot Defense.

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Skip Domina. Go Gold Team, PD barrel, LSI comp, PD magwell, Toni system mount and rest, run it and still cheaper and better than domina. Trust the guy that's been through like 6 gold teams and every popple, comp configuration I could either blow up or test. Hands down a stroked GT in THAT EXACT FORMAT will run super flat, and smooth. Do this and call it a day.


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