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Stoeger M3000 Barrel Nut Sling

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Unsure on that part, but since you didn't get a reply...


I went with a QD cup for stages where a shotgun sling made sense (few and far between).  simple installation to drill the forend for the required hole - I made sure and get one that was threaded for security, didn't want the cup pulling free from the epoxy under harsh use.  quicker for me to remove the sling for stages where it isn't removed to pull the QD connectors than to remove or add a conventional sling back on.  I did the same with a QD cup on the stock to provide options...


Make sure you are careful fitting before drill the hole so you have sufficient clearance behind the forend so it doesn't interfere with proper fit. 

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Don’t need to cut anything; you can just buy one of those $20 clamps that hold the magazine extension in line with the barrel for when you toss your gun into a bucket. Most have either picatinny or QD cups on them already. I did have to add a QD cup to my SGA stock but it at least has cutouts for them.

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