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40sw mags


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13 hours ago, tomjerry1 said:

I use Tripp 10mm mags, they also work with the Dawson magwell.


I concur! :) The Tripp Research 10mm 10-round "System" mags work well and are designed to fit in the USPSA box to keep your gear legal.


When my Wilson Combat factory springs and/or followers wear out, I replace them with Tripp's "Super Special Upgrade Kit" (Springs: 15C.042, Follower: FOL-FLX-10mm). You have to seat them with a little authority, but they eject with authority and that's my goal.  On some mags, I have to trim about one coil off of the spring if it binds with 9 rounds (to use the mag as a backup when shooting Single Stack minor or L10).


FYI, I always had issues with the 9mm Tripp mags due to the top round sliding forward and hanging up on the frame due to the low skirt cut on the top-front of the mag, but don't have those issues with the 10mm mags and SWC bullets.  That said, if some 40 S&W bullets with a more pointed profile do hang up, it wouldn't be a real problem for Steel Challenge as reloads aren't done on the clock but could cost some time in USPSA.

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