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My names Jon, and looking into getting into uspsa. Lurked on here on-and-off for a while.  Shot a lot of PRS/NRL matches, but never got too serious about any action pistol stuff.  Currently deployed, but looking to purchase some gear so I can compete later this summer.


Planning to try out carry optics: I have a p320 x-carry, x-5 legion, and a stock (minus optic cut) p07 all with Romeo 1 pro's on top.  I shoot the x-carry the best right now, but it is my edc.  


Hope to find a group of guys in northeast nebraska (sioux city has a uspsa comps) or around the Columbus ne area to shoot with.  I have a dillon 750 and can shoot at my house, so I think I just need to get out there and dip my toes into the competition side.  Always been a little hesitant to get into another sport, but the infrequency of prs/nrl events in my area are pushing me towards a weekly event.


Anyway, thanks for being such an awesome on-line community! 

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On 6/7/2022 at 10:47 PM, Scotty_JR said:

Welcome. Fellow CO CZ P-Series shooter here. Just the opposite, looking to get into PRS after my major match schedule for pistol calms down. Always jump in with both feet. 

If you want to give it a try on the cheap, give NRL 22 a try.  It is the most fun shooting competition I've ever tried.  Barrier to entry is low, and everybody is willing to help the new guy.  And it is still challenging, especially if the club has longer range bonus stages.  Sky is the limit if you determine you love it, just like any other competition.


All of your accessories (tripod, bags, kestrel, whatever) are usable for both .22 and centerfire too...so it's not like you are doubling up equipment prices like other disciplines.  And NRL isn't quite the foot race that prs is becoming.

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