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Tanfolio Domina or Bull Armoury Bullesteros


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With the very rapidly incoming ban on new handgun purchases in Canada I'm facing the choice of buying on open gun right now, or never having the chance. 


Currently shooting production, and don't have any plans to switch in the near future, but like I said, If I ever want to go open now is the time to buy. 


I can get my hands on either a Tanfolio Domina (not the extreme) or the Bull Armoury Bullesteros. They are two very different guns as you all know. Not knowing a whole lot about open guns I'm at a loss of which one to get. 


Any helpful tips are appreciated. 

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3 hours ago, Grendel said:

Wich production gun do you have now, if its a tanfoglio it could make sense to buy the Dominans in ordre for ease of same magazines/pouch/spareparts etc.

I'm shooting a CZ shadow 1 right now but switching to a Shadow 2 in the fall. 

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Tanfos can use CZ mags, and that's about it. Maybe not even those if it's a large frame. Having said that Dominas are nice enough guns. They shoot a lot like CZ (surprise surprise) Czechmate.


Considering your predicament however, I'd say get both and spares 😉


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1 hour ago, Gunpowderboy said:

Thanks for the input everyone, much appreciated. 

After holding both, I decided on the Bull. Picking it up It's just felt like it was molded for my hands. The Domina on the other hand felt just like my CZ (not surprised).

I have a Bullesteros, and it's definitely one heck of a gun. The gun is priced reasonably well for what it is... not quite a custom 2011, but probably a gun that isn't going to be holding you back anytime soon.

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