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MPX pin and weld,,,

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  Was wondering if any one has, say a 5.5 inch barrel with the extension pin and welded to make it a 16.25 legal barrel for USPSA on a Sig MPX?  I have a Taccom 5.5" pin and welded barrel on my ar9 and like the way it balances. I have installed a carbon fiber handguard on the MPX, but it is still end heavy. I was looking at starting with a ILWT 5.5" barrel and going from there,,,

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Note there is no barrel length restrictions for PCC in USPSA.  

See appendix D for rules on PCC barrel length.  

APPENDIX D8 - Pistol Caliber
Carbine Division
Minimum Barrel
Length None (See special conditions.)


Special Conditions:
Short Barreled Rifles (SBR's) are
permitted provided that the competitor is in
full compliance with all state and federal
laws and regulations concerning ownership
and transport of the SBR.

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