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Shell carrier options for defensive shotgun?


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Even after lurking not sure if this should go under Shotgun - Technical OR Multi-gun gear & accessories, admins please move if needed.


First, this is just to discuss the viability of the gear itself from a technical or physical aspect. Not "just use a rifle / pistol / whatever else", "no time to gear up", or any of the other (potentially very valid) rebuttals or topics, etc. Asking this because I want to see if any of this is even viable from a physical standpoint first before considering spending money on it to try at a defensive shotgun course to check practical viability.


Also, let's assume the loading port is already slightly opened or otherwise big enough and any the user already knows how to reliably dual load (no quad loads for this application). Gun can be any common defensive semi-auto such as a 930, 1301, m4, etc. for the sake of the below.


1. Out of all of the possible shell carrier options I've seen (safariland, IP, taccom, carbon arms, kings, DAA, gunner solutions), it looks like the only one that would be viable for defensive dual loading or fast weak hand loading from a belt would be the Gunner Solutions EZ8 simply due to the additional security / retention. Has anyone found any others?

Also, does Gunner Solutions ever have sales?


2. Would any of the smaller magnetic carriers, properly tightened and adjusted, be used in place of a velcro on shell carrier card on the right side of the stock for a right handed shooter or would the shells simply fall out under recoil? For example, the DAA carrier is just one long metal bar with the magnetic holders coming off of it - I've wondered if that or something very similar could be stuck on the right side of the stock instead of another shell carrier card on the right side or something like a speed feed stock for the 500 or 870.


3. Other interesting and reliable ways to carry or store shells for defensive shotgun use?



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I have a gunner solutions ez8 and it is usable for load-2 and maybe quad loading with practice. It is suitable for light duty use in terms of durability and shell retention (running, prone shooting, etc). 


Safariland (# 080-12) has a 2 shell holder that fits on a belt and has good retention. I use it to single load slugs.


Other than that I would look at esstac's velcro shotgun cards. Those will fit in a double ar15 pouch. Then you just peel the old one off and slap the new one on the gun. 



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Thank you for the info on the Safariland holder. I wanted a separate small holder for slugs too so that's perfect.


I have some esstac as well as other mfg velcro cards right now. They've been fine but are a little slow to load compared even compared to my relatively slow double (and quad) loads.


Does gunner solutions or other vendors of the ez8 ever have sales on it?

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The early versions of 6-rds shotshells caddy and 2-rds belt carrier are still available - https://www.riflestock.com/store/product-category/misc-products/shot-shell-holders/

I modified mine with belt clips from M-12 military pistol holster for quick on-off (years before Tek-Lok 😄).


California Comp Works used to make 4-rds caddy but no longer available. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/2394156343



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