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Acme Bullets


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 I have purchased a lot of ACME bullets in many calibers.  My last purchase was for 9mm bullets.  The bullets had a .001" ridge running down each side of each bullet which required over seating.  I machined a slot on either side of an EGW case gauge so that I could rotate a finished round set to the right depth with the ridges either in or out of the gauge.  It would pass the gauge if the ridges were in the slots and failed when rotated 90 degrees and the ridges were in the gauge.  I contacted ACME and ACME told me that a ridge on either side of the bullet was fine and the problem was my crimping.  I no longer purchase ACME bullets.  I fear someone is going to get hurt by inserting their bullets too deeply into the case in order to pass the gauge.  

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Are you describing flash?  Like in Plastic Injection Molding?

At Bang and Clang we have to pay close attention ENTRY DAY.  Or crap gets out into production.

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