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Coal for 1911


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54 minutes ago, Scotty_JR said:

A plunk test will give you direction. 

Always plunk and spin.  Different guns from the same manufacturer may have (slightly) different chamber dimensions.  Do your own test

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I had a Trojan 9mm years ago. Awesome gun, The throat was pretty long on the barrel. I was able to get away with 1.190-1.200 with fmj 147s and 38 super mags ( spicy stuff for bowling pin competitions).  Id check the throat on yours, by making some dummy rounds with the specific bullet and ogive profille and see if they stick on chambering and extraction.  Most 9mm specific 1911 mags wont let you go that long. 1.169 is SAAMI max length for 9mm NATO with a fmj. I'm pretty sure you can get away with anything under that oal if it feeds in the mag you are using.  On a side note I now have a Staccato-R single stack and the throat on that gun is quite similar to the Trojan. I feel there is a trend in the industry (9mm 1911 single stack production guns) to throat the chamber long, so there are no problems chambering the multitude of bullet ogive profiles.  Especially truncated cone profile.  Like older Hornady XTPs or RMR match winners for example.  

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Not shooting 9Major.


I run 1.150"-1.160" for most 115gr, 124/5gr, but can run longer.  

I'm unwilling to assign one load to one pistol, so I keep it 1.160" or less.  


147gr was on a case by case basis and often a touch shorter.

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