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1911 trojan not locking back


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So as the title says my trojan 45 is not locking back on the empty mag consistently. The mags are Wilson etm, I have not replaced the springs in 2 years. I also just installed a 21 pound main spring.

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29 minutes ago, motosapiens said:

did it used to lock back? are some magazines better than others?


excessive plunger spring pressure can cause this. so can weak mag springs or too strong recoil springs. 

Like he said, need more info to diagnose this.  Pretty hard to ride the slide stop with your thumb on that gun if the slide stop is stock, so I am guessing it isn't your grip.  If your gun is just filthy dirty, that could do it.  I also put a tiny drop of lube under the slide stop lever, just as a routine maintenance thing.  Magazines are the most common cause, so that is where I would look first.


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9 minutes ago, Cowguy said:

Yes it locked back consistently until I changed the main spring, or the magazine springs are wore out 

21lb is a sturdy mainspring, but shouldn’t be a problem with a 13-14lb recoil spring  @ 170pf. if you are running a heavier recoil spring tho that might not be giving the slidelock time and space to engage.....

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56 minutes ago, Cowguy said:

So…….. I had it back out today, ran 30 mags through it and they all locked back. The gun had to get used to the new spring?

it is possible there were some rough edges on the spring. It is also possible that when you installed the spring the slide stop was pushed in all the way so it bound up a little. glad it’s working now....

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Now that it's running, take a look at slidelock engagement next time you're at the range.  Make sure you're not getting weak engagement and peening the notch.  And no shock buffer right?


Personally, my 45 guns (which are stiffer than the trojans I've had) run with 23# MS, rounded FPS, and 15-16# RS at 170 PF on healthy mags.  21# MS buys back some headroom.  Throw in a >17# MS and that's where I can start to get intermittent lock back.


Follower to slide stop nose engagement can be examined with the slide off of the gun.  I've had to tune some followers to get deeper engagement.  Just make sure there's no contact with one round left (mainly an issue for the smaller 9mm round).

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