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Howdy from the Northwoods

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My name is Robin and I recently discovered that we have an USPSA club nearby. Of course, nearby is relative when you live in northern Wisconsin. Regardless this looks like something I am interested in getting started in and look forward to learning more from the people on this forum. 



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Welcome to the BE forums!  If you're like me and like to do research, you will find this a valuable resource for USPSA/IDPA (and others) specific info as well as for gun/shooting questions in general.

I lived in Northern WI for about 23 years, in the middle of the Chequamegon National Forest for a few years then moved up to the big city of Ashland (HaHa).  Unfortunately, never any shooting competitions anywhere around the area so I never got started.  Then I was forced to move for work and went to the Hampton Roads area of Southern Virginia and fell into a world that offered shooting competitions all over!

Try to take advantage of what you have available to get started and also know that many shooters travel long distances once they get into their shooting sport of choice.  Even though there are many competitions taking place all around me, I pick matches that I feel are worth my time and effort.  So, I typically spend 4-6 hours on the road (round trip) at least a couple times a month to go to the regular matches and training that I want to attend.  Enjoy the forums and enjoy the sport!

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Thanks for the welcome @ShredderTacticalI only recently moved up here with my wife. I live outside of Crandon. One change since you lived here is they have an USPSA club in Rhinelander, so I plan on getting involved there. Right now, I am just trying to figure out what is the best affordable combination of equipment to get rolling. I've decided on the Glock 35 and thanks to some help here on the Dawson sights. I hope to compete in the Limited Division at least initially so trying to gear for that. I think I have nailed down a starting holster rig, so now starting to focus on box ammo ideas. Of course, any suggestions in any area are more than appreciated. 

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