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550c primer bar torque

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 THis is what I wrote to Dillon about a small issue I have with my 550C primer bar:


I have noticed that  the small primer bar torques as I use the reloader(instead of sliding  straight--back and forth)  although it  does no t affect the primers being loaded, it does  cause the screws that hold the primer tower in place at just the right tension --to loosen the rear screw and tighten the front screw. at its worst-This causes  primers not to be loaded  as it affects alignment of the  primer bar and loader.( as well as slowing  down my reloading)

I can get the screws to hold in place(most of the time) by using pipetape.

Any  ideas  why the  primer bar does not just move  straight back and forth?  any ideas about getting the set up to work without constant adjustment of those tower  s crews?


this  is their reply(makes sense too)


The op-rod can apply uneven pressure on the primer slide if the bracket that the top of the rod goes into isn't parallel to the primer slide, or if the op-rod is bent outward to the right too far. if you disengage the op-rod from between the 2 rollers, and point it straight up, the tip of the rod can be up to the rod's diameter to the right of being parallel to the primer shield, but not more than that. 


also in a thread post by our own @youngeyes, I saw this item which may help the primer bar to ride back and forth with no torque( or quite a bit less:





just wanted to post this info. hope it helps others

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Very easy fix if I can explain it to you.

There is a bracket above the primer bar.

It holds the outside of the primer tube in place. It also holds the top of the op rod in place.

It has a allen screw. If  you loosen the screw you can them move it left or right to align the op rod to line up the primer assembly to go back and forth correctly.

First thing to do is to disconnect the op rod. Keep the top part  in the bracket. Lay the bottom of the rod over the plastic wheel on the primer bar. After loosing the allen screw adj. it to lay in the groove in the wheel.

Simple right?

It is way easier that I have described it.

Let me know.

The gadget you are wondering about will smooth out the whole operation but you should do the above first.




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