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Coated bullets in a Staccato XC


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Getting close to ordering and was curious of those that shoot a XC if you shoot coated. I've never had a comp'd gun before and I load coated. If it will be a huge pain then I will get the P model as I don't want the headache. I'm aware of the regular cleaning for the carbon but was asking more about the coated/lead in the comp area. Thanks

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I shoot coated in my Czechmate and the comp builds up with what I think is a combination of lead, carbon and the coating.


Time consuming to remove the fouling.


Since my comp is easy to remove I soak it in Hoppes #9 and use Q tips to wipe the chamber once every 24 hours.  After 5 to 6 days the comp is 100% clean. I clean every 250 rounds.


Running jacketed through it might speed up the process. 

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