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Anyone loading clean shot with blues in .40?


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Just wanted to compare notes. Ive got clean shot Ive loaded in 9 and 45, but the load data is scarce for anything in .40. Looking to cook up a load for my blues RNFP 180gr and make major PF. 


Was thinking of starting with a ladder of 4.5 , 4.7, 4.9 at 1.131, the length the gun is liking for other loads tested. 

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Ordered some Clean Shot the other day, gonna try them out. Currently using Sport Pistol, 1.18 OAL, 200gr Blue RNFP, 4.1 gr charge, 170 ish PF. Supposedly Clean shot has the same load formular, since Sport Pistol is so difficult to find at the reasonable price, i am gonna try the clean shot to develop a backup formular

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I am currently using 4.7 grains under a 180 grain blue bullet loaded to ~1.180. That is producing 171 PF out of my Bul Armory 2011 in 5in.

Mixed brass that has been roll sized, and mighty armory TNT sizing die. Then a light crimp with a Lee factory crimp die.


Have you seen the load data that shooters world has on their site?

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Here is the data I got 2 days ago using 5" Atlas Titan, 200 gr Blue RNFP, OAL 1.18 ish, mixed brass, Dillion 40 die set on a XL750. 

4.13 gr, average 168 PF, sample size = 10, STDEV = 2.18 PF. 

4.17 gr, average 171 PF, sample size = 10, STDEV = 1.9 PF

4.2 gr, average 171 PF, sample size = 9, STDEV = 1.5 PF


Compared to my Sport Pistol Load (Major match chrono confirmed)

4.12 gr, average 170 PF, sample size = 5, STDEV = 2.3 PF


Conclusion is that Clean Shot performs very similar to Sport Pistol for my setup . If you use sport pistol now, I personally will bump the charge by 0.05 grain to get the same velocity. 

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