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Gun related things you notice when watching a movie or TV show?

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When watching a movie or TV show I always pay attention to parts that show guns and gear (don't we all).  If I'm watching with my wife, I'll sometimes comment on things I see that don't make sense or are not commonly seen.

For example, we have been watching a series on Amazon lately called Covert Affairs.  The star character in the show is Annie Walker, a CIA field agent.  We are well into season 3 now and Annie has just started carrying a gun on her missions.  The thing I noticed is that it's a strange looking small revolver, so I pay extra attention to note every detail I can see in the scenes that show her handling this gun.  Then I notice it looks like a Chiappa Rhino 20DS model, that has a very unique barrel and grip configuration.  I had to look it up using my smartphone to confirm.  I can't remember ever seeing one of these used in a movie or TV show!

So, I'm all excited and tell my wife about what I have discovered!  See looks at me and rolls her eyes, she says "So?"

End of story...

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I try to identify the guns. 

I try to count the rounds before reloads.

I check if they do reload.

I check to see how many times they flash somebody with their muzzle.

I try to see if their finger is on the trigger when it shouldn't be.

Probably other stuff too that isn't coming to mind at the moment.

A lot of that stuff can be hard to pick up on when it's just there for a split second.


It's just a game I play. I don't expect them to do it right and I don't rewind to go back and check. Not quite that OCD. Well... not usually...lol


It drives my wife crazy but even she is enough of a gun person to comment on blatant errors or unrealistic scenarios.

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Whenever it is a single action like a 1911 I always look to see if the hammer is cocked, many times it isn't.  Also when they are using revolvers you can sometimes see there is no ammo in the cylinder

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Yeah, my wife generally rolls her eyes when I point out gun mistakes on TV, which there are legions of even if you don't count shots.  Last week one of the big network FBI shows had the perp holding an officers-size 1911 to someone's head during the climactic 'put the gun down' showdown scene.   Except the hammer was obviously down throughout so they could easily have just jumped her instead.


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