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Case Feeder Misses Shellplate

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My Super 1050 .45 ACP is prone to missing the shell plate cuts with brass coming down out of the case feeder, leaving a case laying loose on the plate.  If I don't notice it, I get a bent or broken decapping pin.


This is not a new thing, but either it is getting worse or I am just getting less tolerant of it.


Is there an easy fix?  A big fix?


It has to be an isolated case, you could not automate a press that behaved that way.

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Is it possible the shell plate is warped?


I replaced the Dillon spring in the case feed plunger mechanism with a cut down 1911 spring that provided more push.

That seemed to make insertion into the shell plate more positive.

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In fairness I know nothing about 1050’s  but does it have a case ramp thingy similar to a 650? I have to keep plenty of grease under it to keep cases from bouncing?

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1 hour ago, Jim Watson said:

Slow cycling does help, I will just have to control my enthusiasm; not like I have to turn out a case of ammo at coffee break.


How many turns left on that spring, DDC?


20 coils. Uncompressed length is about 3.75"


I don't recall what the original spring weight was. I'm guessing 13#.


It is noticeably harder to compress than the stock spring and the case feed plunger mechanism is noticeably harder to assemble.


I will probably cut another coil or two off of it the next time I do this. I think the way I have it now is overkill.



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