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What Base Pads for Tanfoglio Defiant Limited Master?


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Looking to pick up some extra magazine base pads for a Tanfo Defiant Limited Master, and trying to figure out what all will fit the factory magwell.  I'm not really looking to add capacity, just to fit the magwell with no or minimal modification.  I was looking at these from Henning, what do you guys run for base pads?  Cheers! 





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“IF” this is the same magwell that Tanfoglio uses you can use most of the aftermarket base pads. The problem comes in now that IFG is importing small frame pistols. If yours is a small frame then I would think you need to look at after market CZ base pads. I know, big “IF”.

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I wrote this out in another question but I feel it can add some value here to help. Hope any way.


@PatriotDefense if his fit box. I'm sure they do. There IS differences. I will not bias here but just tell you straight forward.


PD. uses a set screw to keep pad from sliding off 140pads, PD pads match and fit beautifully to ID of 9mm mags


Henning. Uses a spring loaded Keeper apposed to a set screw and also fits and finished beautifully.


Shock Bottle uses the bottom spring plate button for basepad retention to stay on.


I THINK shock bottle does brass pads and I know for sure PD does; not sure about henning.


I've used all basepads for cz and tanfo.

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