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Law Enforcement Rifle Training Program

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No clue! Won't know for a little bit yet; maybe June. Also curious to see how many Handgun Optics programs we get. I'll forget to respond here; I'm on global if I don't follow up with you here

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Good news.  Ill try and get for the first one, whatever that is, and bring my S2.  

Handgun optics would be good for some of the HQ people to go to. these boneheads are convinced, despite showing them my CO setup G17/authorized off duty that the RMR emits a laser dot on target.  I apparently cant fix stupid, but maybe a week long class can.

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That sounds awful.


The few that have trickled in here have either gotten NO training, have been told to line the dot up with the front sight, or have two uppers for their duty gun and were told "just use whichever one you like." 


So, the idea of a laser coming out of the gun wouldn't surprise me. 

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