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.40 TSO standard main spring , and firing pin length?


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I recently got my refurbished press back from dillon and it might be just me, but I think in the process of replacing some priming system parts, I have to re-acquaint myself to the feel of the priming stroke to make sure I seat to the correct depth. 


I have never had a light strike on my third-hand TSO until twice recently, and Im pretty sure that I just didnt seat a couple primers well, hence why I mentioned above. This gun has only ever gotten CCI primers and set off without a hitch. 


Got me thinking though, since I havent ever replaced the main spring or firing pin, maybe it was time for a refresh anyway. Im sure there are many thousands of rounds on the current guts, and about 4,000 from me so far plus the previous owners.


Im considering getting the main spring kit with various weights from CZC to try and replicate whatever is in there. I have no idea what the gun currently has. I just know it has a 1.5lb trigger, and I love it. As I researched the main springs, I saw the extended pin and reduced power pin spring both from CZC and cajun. 


Here is a pic of my current firing pin. Can anyone confirm if this is standard or has it been replaced with an extended? Im not sure what the standard firing pin length is. Is it possible to also tell if that is a reduced power firing pin spring? Any harm in my just switching to an extended pin even if Im not trying to squeeze every ounce of lightness out of this trigger?





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