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Problem with Brazos ejector with a Cheely grip


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My home gun club requires an empty mag well and slide lock before moving.  I was using a Brazos ejector in a Brazos frame and Cheely e2 grip.  I don't pin the ejector, because I wan to be able to easily replace it at a match if it breaks.  I never had a problem with it before, mainly because you don't go to slide lock in USPSA matches.


When you slam a mag home in slide lock the mag hits the ejector and drives it up.  That causes it to drag on the firing pin stop and renders the gun inoperable.  I replaced the standard Cheely mag release with their 'locking' release and had the same problem, just not quite as bad.  The extra meat on the back of the ejector arm on the Brazos is where the mags hit.  I swapped it out for a Cheely ejector, tapped it in and presto.  No more problems no matter how hard you slam the mag home.


This is the very first time I've had any complaint with anything Brazos.  So if any of you have that problem after going to slide lock, you know where to look.

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2 hours ago, Sarge said:

Many ejectors need tuned. You can remove some material from the bottom of the ejector arm

 It was easier to swap it out for a Cheely.

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15 hours ago, Sarge said:

Right. But the Brazos is probably oversized to allow tuning.


The Brazos is pre-tuned.  Ejection is perfect just the way it comes.  It is the design of the arm that is the problem, and then only when reloading from slide lock.  Even then it may only be with Cheely e2 grips.


14 hours ago, shred said:

...and there's a reason for the retention pin, but if it works for you, go for it.


It works for me on 2011s with Cheely's ejector.  They are almost a press fit in.  If the Brazos had been pinned I would have broken off the tip of the ejector.  The ejectors on my 1911s are all drilled and pined.



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21 hours ago, APL-G35 said:

Good lord. What kind of Fudd range requires empty magwell and slide locked back while moving?


A very cautious one.  The pistol range is actually the 27 lane bullseye range.  Years ago they ran USPSA style stages on the range.  One shooter tripped and fell, dislocating his shoulder in the process.  He engaged the safety as he was falling and there was no AD.  A club steward reported the incident and the Exec committee and the club lawyer decided there would be no more running with a loaded gun. I have had other bans removed demonstrating the original reason for the ban was bogus.  Unfortunately, there is no way I can demonstrate running with a loaded gun is not inherently risky.

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