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Dillon locator pins

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Is there a reason they are made of brass? I've already lost one I dropped on the floor. I'd like to put a magnet on my InLine Fab mount plate and use steel for the pins so I have a fairly secure storage place when I remove them to check powder or COAL. 


I have a lathe and some bar stock and will duplicate the dimensions of the Dillon brass pins.


Thanks fo any input,


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You can also get them 3d printed if you know of someone with printer, than you can also find a few designs that prevent powder spilling during indexing.

Being what they are they should be easy to machine if you have a small lathe.

Brass is probably cheaper because it is easier to machine?

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On 4/12/2022 at 12:37 PM, Chills1994 said:

You can use little ring type electrical connectors and a drop of super glue.  It makes the brass locator pin easier to grab and if it does fall to the floor, it won’t roll.9DEAF800-476E-44AF-B6CB-8217146E21A8.jpeg.bb01ccfcebe1c8564be48a09bfa6fca6.jpeg

thats awesome

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On 9/18/2022 at 2:27 PM, Derek45 said:


I cut out some tabs from a bright pink plastic notebook binder.


easy to see.

easy to grab

breast cancer awareness 



Loving this. Great job!!

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2 minutes ago, dillon said:

The pins are brass so that they won't corrode and get stuck in a hole in a frame or platform.  I've seen customers superglue thin washers to the tops of pins so they can be removed using a magnet. 

Dillon, Haven't seen you in ages!

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