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Maryland 1911 & 2011 Frame Registration

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Posting this as it may help those to acquire 2011/1911 frames that may not be on the MD Roster. Apparently a few months back changed the rules but has not informed FFLs of the update. 

2011/1911 frames were always required to be on the roster here in MD. Meaning of JEM or PT hadn't submitted a frame to MD State Police for review and approval/disapproval, you could not take ownership of it. 

rewind to about a month ago when i was talking to Matt Cheely and I mentioned it would be real nice to have one of his frames but the MD rooster doesn't list them. 

i did some research and had him send a frame to md state police for review and most likely approval. Matt wrote me back and said md police sent the frame back to him as just recently frames were not required to be on the roster. 

Out of 5 ffls local to me, non of them knew this and stated that any frame needed to be on the md roster in order to transfer ownership. 

i had my usual ffl contact md state police and they confirmed this was correct, that 2011/1911 frames were not required to be on the roster. 

Hope this helps someone in their future build(s)!

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This is news to me. What I normally do is submit the form to request an addition to the roster, and they inevitably review and add it. I've even bought pistols that were not on the approved list, and had them sit at my FFL until months later it was approved.

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