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On my third Gans 2011 build and decided to go the commander route. If anyones been paying attention lately, youve noticed that barrel manufacturers,  not just kkm, are running on crazy backlogs of orders. My goto has always been shooters connection, then cheely, then atlas, the speed shooters international for barrels... all out of stock and no back orders. 

I wanted to stay with kkm since that's all I've ever had in my build previously. Decided to call kkm and ask when they may be getting caught up. Owner said he typically runs extras and happened to have a commander bull C/P on the table without a home...i had it in less than a week, at dealer cost. $167. Love those guys!



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On 3/27/2022 at 8:19 PM, MuayThaiJJ said:

I had one KKM in a Limcat and it was amazing.

Since then, I've had Bar-Sto also very good.

Fusion for a few 1911 and 2011 builds too, pretty good as well.

All I've ever had were kkm so i really have nothing to compare them too unfortunately. 

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