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What's The Best Mainspring For A Smith & Wesson L-Frame


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I'm thinking of replacing my mainspring in my 617.  It's got about 10 years with the same spring.  I had to replace my firing pin this past weekend and had to change out my rebound spring for a heavier one.


I'm thinking of just a stock mainspring from S&W.


I've heard you can bend the mainspring for a lighter action but still shoot a variety of ammo.  Any pictures of the properly bent spring would be helpful.


Thanks in advance.  

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I typically use the Wolff main spring for all my revolvers. Instead of shimming the screw, I visited a local S&W gunsmith and picked up different length set screws to use. This way everything stays tight.

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Hi Steven-


We are currently in the middle of our annual May madhouse, getting ready for the Bianchi Cup. We had planned to have the KL hammers out before now, but having to tool up and make our own DA sears kind of threw a monkey wrench in that schedule. The Bianchi Cup is the last week in May. We are hoping to get the KL hammers out by the middle of June. We have not forgotten you or the other KL hammer people. There is only me and Tracy to do this, and we have been overloaded with many setbacks for most of a year. We are doing our best to git er done. We apologize for the long wait time. 


Best Regards-

Warren and Tracy.

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I appreciate your response, Warren.  I know what it's like to prepare for another venture.  I can wait with no problems. Another month or two isn't something I can't live with.


Thanks for letting me know.



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