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Had My Best Steel Challenge Yesterday Since Coming Back To Shooting.


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Yesterday out Club put on a Steel Challenge Match.  It was a great day to shoot with temperatures in the low 70s and overcast.  I got out of there right before the rain started.  Felt sorry for the set-up crew and the guys that stayed to help.


I've been shooting a Volquartsen Black Mamba in RFPO.  I enjoy it but not as much as shooting a revolver.  I use to shoot USPSA and ICORE with my revo and miss it.  I can't shoot at two of our local matches because I couldn't push my wheelchair around in all the rocks and it's still difficult now that I use a walker.  One local range is just dirt so I can manage to shoot two matches a month there.


Since coming back I've been shooting for the fun of it.  I don't think I'll ever get back to Master Class but I get to shoot with a lot of the old guys and that makes for a good day.


Yesterday I shot my personal best in 5 years using my 617 revolver and DS-10 speed loaders.  I shot with iron sights last week and did good.  This week I shot RFPO with using a C-More Railway with 12 MOA dot.  I cut 17 seconds off my best time and 40 seconds off my average.  I only needed 15 seconds to move up to B Class so I'm hoping the numbers work out and I make it.  


Two main problems yesterday with the gun.  On one stage I loaded for the first run and my gun would not fire.  I unloaded and went to the safety area.  Took it apart and found that the mainspring was no longer on the hammer strut.  That's an easy fix.  While I had it apart I thought I'd check the firing pin.  I use an extended one.  Yep, it had broken as well.  Fortunately I had a spare with me.  When I got back to shoot my remaining 4 strings everything worked fine.


I'm going to be shooting revolver for at least the next few months and hope that what I learn I can transfer to my Mamba.

93 22 617 on stand.jpg

5`7  Apex Hammer.jpg

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Interesting … I shot a steel challenge match yesterday and saw a couple of black mambas - one 6” the other the 4.5” I like em and want one . I was running SS with a DW Silverback in 9mm . I am more of an IDPA guy but it was fun . 

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