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Back It Up a Tad


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I really enjoy getting  out past 100 yards or so and shooting steel (C-Zone most of the time because it’s what I’ve got) with whatever pistol I’m focusing on at the time. Same basic test can be made with a dot drill but there’s something about overcoming the mental block most folks have that handguns can’t be used at further distances. 


Sight alignment and trigger control must be spot on of course and recoil management definitively has to be on point to make it more than a one shot drill. 

As I’ve gotten more comfortable with it, I’ve periodically tried Bill Drills (longer time window of course) or lower par times for my first shot. Fun stuff if you’re getting bored with close paper targets. 


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On 3/25/2022 at 1:59 PM, Runnin2live said:

Sounds like fun stuff. I am limited to 40 yards max at our range. 

Its certainly challenging but also pretty rewarding (when it’s done right 😂). 

Have you tried something like an 8” late at that distance? I’m sure it would offer a similar challenge. 

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