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Don Smart Practice Log


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Todays Dryfire:


- Draw: working with new holster hanger and glock. did 15 80% speed draws with hands at sides and then 15 80% with hands above. Did a few draws at speed with a par if 0.7. tried scoop draw as well. it seems to feel fast and might be with some practice...but for me at this point it might be more trouble than its worth. Maybe after area 6 if inget bored. Still not hitting a perfect firing hand grip and pressure under the trigger guard was inconsistent. Continue to workshop at 80% and 100% and focus on perfect grip.


- transitions with reload: set up a tight array of paper targets with some NS sprinkled in. this was to force myself to use the right confirmation and not just dryfire to a cadence regardless of shot difficulty. Then, I reloaded to two poppers at about a 60deg transition from eachother. kept the draw par time and that was helpful to see where i was at on the first shot. might keep doing that in drills. pulled some NS hits but i was able to focus in on the proper confirmation. reloads were ok. some were spicy but i need to make sure my vision is snapping to the magwell fast enough. vision speed is a weakness for me. 


Fw/Bw movement: a little awkward on exits both in forward and backward movement. leaning out on backward movement seemed to help. leaning out in forward movement seems logical but i struggled with it. it seemed that the tracking component made this not worth it (i was farther from the targets than in backward movement). continue to workshop this. Reloads were a little awkward too due to the nature of the movement but im doing a good job of getting the load done while moving instead of lading before leaving.


trigger break exits: got lazy with the shot on the popper on some reps. also need to play around when to unmount the gun. seemed that i went back and forth between mounted and unmounted somewhat mindlessly.  

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