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Best Optic And Source For .308?

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Thinking about using an optic for my FAL Para. What would be best all around for 3-gun? And a good source for one? Are optics allowed in He-man?

Thanks, Joel

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Nice to see someone else with a FAL in 3 gun. I don't think you're allowed an optic in Heman/HevMetal class, but it really depends on the individual match. I have old guy eyes and a limited budget so I went with the down and dirty Simmons 1.5x5 20mm. The main reason is the wide FOV on low power. I've shot it at one match thus far and am very happy with it. There are a number of guys using it as a first optic and graduating to other stuff. You can't go wrong on the price either, CDNN has it for $50. I'd also think about using the DSA mount. It's the most solid I've seen for a FAL. Not sure if it will fit a para.

My FAL is an L1A1 built on an old, preban Entreprise receiver. There were no serious issues to speak of other than one misaligned pin for the ejector block, easily dealt with. Barrel timed up correctly, correct feed ramp geometry, minor fitting was all that was required. I had an intermitent misfire problem with milsurp which I tracked down to a slight interference of the hammer with the rattail. A few strokes of a file fixed that. So far, it has taken either inch or metric mags interchangeably. With SA from AIM Surplus, it shoots into 3in with irons. The Simmons has pulled it into about 2in, plenty good for 3gun.

Check into the Simmons, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Shooting 308, there's no way we're going to keep up with a mousegunner hit for hit, but at matches that are 30cal neutral, then it's a whole nuther story.

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I'm really new to 3-gunning, but somebody gave me this info when I was asking about Heman. Like JM said, it depends on the local club. Some will bend the rules but it might be better to see current HeMan rules from different clubs and kind of average them together. For example, our club allows 40SW loaded to major for HeMan use, other clubs close by don't, some clubs allow semiauto shotguns for HeMan, others don't. I'd rather be compatible with several clubs in case I decide to shoot at those places as well (won't have to buy new equipment). So far, I think if you have a 308 with irons, a 12G pump shotgun, and a single-stack 45 most likely you'll be good for HeMan at most clubs. Might not be the best outfit (might have to shoot a pump vs semiauto, etc) but you'll be able to shoot. Depending on the demand/size, some clubs might have a "tactical HeMan class" that allows optics on the rifle, but I've never seen one in my area. At our club if we use optics on a rifle regardless of caliber were put in

Tactical class, if its a 308 the only advantage shooting in this class is being scored major (and having a load of fun!).

Present (2005) USPSA Multigun specification for Heavy Metal:

Handgun: Major Power Factor, and at least .44 caliber

No more than 10 rounds loaded in a magazine.

(may further restrict to .45 only, single-stack, etc.)

Rifle: Major Power Factor, and at least .30 caliber

No more than 20 rounds loaded in a magazine

(may choose to allow one optic in Tactical division)

Shotgun: 12-gauge

No more than 8 rounds loaded in mag-tube (8+1)

(may further restrict to pump-action only)

Present (2005) SMM3G specification for Heavy Metal:

6.3 Handgun – Heavy Metal Class

6.3.1 Firearms must comply with the Tactical Class handgun rules (6.2.1; 6.2.2 & 6.2.3).

6.3.2 All handguns must be .44 caliber or larger.

6.3.3 Pistol magazines in HM Class shall not be loaded with more than ten (10) rounds.

6.6 Rifle – Heavy Metal Class

6.6.1 Rifles must comply with Tactical Iron Rules (6.5.1; 6.5.2 & 6.5.4)

6.6.2 Rifles in HM Class will be .308 Winchester (7.62x51 NATO) or larger.

6.6.3 Rifle magazines in HM Class shall not be loaded with more than twenty (20) rounds.

6.9 Shotgun – Heavy Metal Class

6.9.1 Shotguns must comply with Tactical Shotgun Rules (6.8)

6.9.2 12 gauge only.

6.9.3 Semi-automatic and pump shotguns will be scored separately.

Present (2005) RM3G rules containing their specification for He Man:

rm3g_2005_rules.pdf ( 97.69k )

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Thanks for the info on optics and rules, much appreciated. The Simmons looks good for first use. Does CDNN sell a mount (Pica. Rail) for the scope?

Joel :)

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If you have the DSA mount for the Para, all you need are a set Weaver rings. If you're not already, join the FAL Files website. Lots of good info over there as well. It's not necessarily 3 Gun related, but lots if info on accessories, troubleshooting, accurizing, etc.

Here's the mount I'm using-


Here's the one for the Para-


Another good site for a fellow FAL guy-


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I have the rail for the Para, it was fitted by Rich@CGW as part of the build.

Any particular set of Weaver rings needed?

Thanks, Joel

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