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Chris’s training


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I wasn’t planning on doing this but after reading other member’s diaries, it seems like I may be able gain some good insight. If nothing else, see where I’m improving or slacking. So here goes. 

Baseline: shooting my first match in over eight years on the 19th so I want to get ready. The scores from that match will be my first set of hard scores that I will be able to compare to. 

Goal: to earn C class this year. 

28jan22: focus on safe maneuvering. The last thing I want to do is DQ my first match in forever because of a unsafe mistake. 

Event: engage T1 at every position. Move position and repeat. Start at P4 (right rear) and move forward to P2 (right front). Move from P2 in a rearward angle to P3 (left rear). Move forward to P1 (left front). Move rearward angle to P2 (start position). Repeat. Similar to a tire rotation. 

Observation: movements were slow and deliberate. No time taken for this interaction. Movements picked up towards the end but primary focus was ensuring finger off the trigger and pointed in a safe direction. Feel as if I can move quicker over all. 

Where I can improve: prepping to leave the position. I feel like there was time lost between breaking the last shot, preparing to move, then moving. I should have recorded my drill to see how my feet were planted. Could I have a better foot placement to allow for a better takeoff? Overall though, better than anticipated. Felt natural to keep everything safe and pointed safe without having to really focus on it. Shows positive muscle memory. 

Take away: record the next drill. Study recordings. Turn up the speed a bit. Focus on foot placement. 

Physical training: no physical training this morning as 3:45 AM simply came to quick. I need to take my tail to bed sooner. 

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30jan22: focus on low targets and 90° transition. 

Event: draw and engage one low target followed by transitioning right to two targets. End with a reload. 

Observation: long transition was slow. Eyes and dot tracked the same line vs eyes moving to target with dot following. Time was lost. reloads were sloppy and simple mistakes made. Started reloading lower towards naval. Started to get cleaner when reloads were done closer to eye level. PRACTICE RELOADS! 

Where can I improve: make my eyes lead the way. Call the last shot and transition eyes to where I want to shoot. 

Take away: eye speed needs improvement and reloads need to become more second nature. 

Physical training: no PT this weekend unless shoveling snow counts. 

training ended early dude to noise started to wake daughter. 



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wasn’t going to post but every few days but I didn’t want to forget key take aways. 

31jan22: draw, transition low to high and high to low. Reload to finish. 

Event: draw and engage one low target. Transition to two standing target straight ahead. Reload. Second half, draw and engage two standing targets followed by low target. Reload. *low being a “laying” target*

Observation: eye transitions still slow. Harder to notice as head only needed to move straight up or down. KEY MOMENT, found a fault in my reloads. Angle of approach was bullets pointing more towards the front of the gun. Looking at the grip, the back of the grip has a much larger “funnel”. Changed the angle more rearward and reloads went much smoother. Dumb moment on my part but an issue found is a issue that can be fixed. Afterwards, reloads were 50/50. Continue to practice until fixed.  

Where can I improve: eye transitions and reloads. 

Take away: angle mag bullets towards back. Hit the funnel where designed to. 

Physical training: 30 minutes of HIIT cardio. No strength training due to early work. 



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11feb22: draw, transition, reloads, cross step 


Event: draw and engage T1. Cross step into position for T2/3/4. Pivot and reload. Engage T5/6/7. 

Observation: reloads are getting more consistent and faster. Cross step was smooth but I have to work on the final placement of my feet. Numerous times I found myself having to adjust my feet while shooting the targets. Some follow-on shots were lazy and not sure they were in the A. 

where can I improve: ensure I’m tracking every shot placement. 

take away: don’t get into the bad habit of training for the motions vs actually training. Follow the dot. Break the shot when the dot is where I want it. Continue with reloads. 


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12feb22: movements, reloading on the move, gun up on target before stopping 


Event: sole purpose of this even was to move my feet as quick and stable as possible. Draw, move to shooting box, engage T1/2/3. Move to position two while conducting reload. Engage T4/5/6. Move back to position one while conducting a reload. Shoot T1/2/3. 

observation: reloads on the move looked good however I grabbed mag two by accident once. Happy that I didn’t hesitate to finish the reload rather than put the mag back and grab mag one but I shouldn’t have made the mistake in the first place. Not sure exactly why or what made that happen. I came into positions way to hot and high leaving me unstable. 

Take away: slow it down a touch. Think about the entry into the next position rather than just the exit of the current one. Get lower into the next position. Keep my hands up. 


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15feb22: partial target training 


event: draw and engage partial and open targets. Partials consists of tuxedos, upper A box, and “Peakers”. Reload conducted between pivot transition. 

observation: understand where the A zone is and understand where my dot is. A few times I placed my dot where I would on an open target rather than play it a little safer and go higher to ensure I clear the hardcover. Rather lose two points to a C than five to a penalty. The goal of Saturday is walk away penalty feee. Take a little

more time with the partials. Ensure my shot is where I want it. 

on a positive, 21 round mags seem to be a lot easier to load than 17 with plates. Not sure if it’s the added width of the base plates or what but I’ll be starting matches with a 17 followed by 21’s in my #1 and #2 pouch. 

take away: burning down dry fire and practice is ok but ensure I’m building positive skills. Pay attention to my dot placement on partials.  

four days to my first match in eight years. No need to learn new skills this week. Focus on reload, transitions, and shots. 


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17feb22: recap of partial targets and transitions 


Event: same as previous with a focus on dot placement. 

observation: much more deliberate on where my dot was prior to breaking the shot. Also focused on making sure I was target focused. Match on Saturday will confirm how my dry fire is shaping me 


take away: continue to break down each stage step by step and work each individual skill 

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22feb22: practice for upcoming steel challenge match. 

due to having to cancel my match that was this past weekend, I decided to sign up for a SC match this weekend. 

Event: with eight targets set up, draw and shoot five targets with “tuxedo” being the stop plate. Best I could do with the equipment available. Rotate through targets and positions to simulate different stages. Par timer set to 3 seconds. 

observation: draw started to become faster and more consistent as practice went on. 3 seconds was slightly to fast so moved to 4. Second half of training, all courses of fire were completed well before 4 seconds. Eyes leading my transitions is starting to get better. 

take away: five days away from training really puts a damper on your skills. May not seem like much, but when seconds count then it all adds up. Don’t let being bummed because of canceling a match take away from the bigger goal. 

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