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Heavy pipe shotgun targets

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I have seen a few threads mention shotgun targets fabricated from pipe.  I am assuming these are simple knock down targets? Is there a length to diameter to cut these at that is particularly difficult?


I have a few feet of 4" schedule 40 pipe and wondering if shorter (but more stable) or taller (and heavier) will be more challenging.

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There seems to be no standardized pipe size, I've seen them all different diameters, thicknesses and lengths. Part of the game is identifying the one 9lb pipe in an array during walkthrough. Just adds to the challenge.

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10 hours ago, usmc1974 said:

I really like that! You don't hear this as much as in the old days

Don't get me wrong, I've been embarrassed by them more than once and probably wished they didn't exist in the heat of the moment, but once I cool down I'm glad there are challenges in the sport and it's not all hosefest all the time.

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A different game, but we use 16” sections of 3” well casing for targets in Cowboy Action. It is definitely noticeable s to who has cylinder bores verses chokes when shooting at them.  

What really stinks are trying to move 16”-18” sections of 2” HDPE pipe across a line.  Some times you turn them 90* to the shooter and then burn up a box of ammo to move the pipe 5’. 

What this comes down to is that I prefer #7.5 or larger shot with a modified choke to deal with any pipe or similar target.  Also knowing what your pattern looks like at various distances can be critical.  

I have had to coach side by side shooters to look down the barrel, not to rely on the bead to hit pipes.

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I've shot those pipes with Modoc. Used to see them in SASS matches. Some shooters would have a heck of a time thinking they were hitting them good but they weren't going down. Then some one would hit it good and the pipe would go flying. You'd  see a shooter repeatedly missing just left over and over again. I liked them.

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