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Marc Halcon

Jim O'Young

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Just received word that Marc Halcon passed away from complications due to Covid. 😢


Marc had served as the Section Coordinator for Linea de Fuego and as the USPSA Area 2 Director. He also supported & sponsored the Steel Challenge WSSC in Piru.


Marc was an old school guy who contributed more to our sport than he ever received in return. 🙏



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I worked with him and on his ranch in Alpine for ten years. He helped more people and causes than you can imagine. He had the biggest heart and was willing to give you the shirt off his back.

He will be missed more than ever.

Rest In Peace Marc.


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Sorry to hear.  He was a really great guy!


I would consider him to be one of the first "adaptive shooters" in competition.  He walked on two crutches, so he had to shoot USPSA matches by shooting, re-holstering, putting the crutches back on, and scooting to the next position.


He was also the subject of an "Ayoob Files" column in American Handgunner, detailing his survival of a drive-by attack on him.


Edit to add:


https://americanhandgunner.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/HSO90.pdf       Page 50



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2 hours ago, Sarge said:

  Do that and see if you don’t end up in jail!😂 Interesting read though.

Sarge, it was a different time then and it helped that most of the LE knew who he was and knew his father was also LE. The remark "you caught em, you clean em" was in jest, but seemed like the appropriate joke at the time.

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I just found out about Marc's passing a couple of days ago-I knew him for many years through the Linea de Fuego IPSC/USPSA Section, and also was a member at a couple of the ranges he operated in San Diego.


Sending thoughts and prayers to the family, and all who knew and loved him.


I've not been active in competition for a few years, but have great memories of Marc and the rest of the LdF crew from the 80s and 90s.


Thanks to Jim O'Young for posting this-I learned of Marc's passing purely by chance, so I'm glad to see someone shared the news on this forum.



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