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Looking for a 'travel match' in 2022. Area 1 decent?


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For the last few years some buddies and I try to get together for a 'travel match,' i.e. somewhere non-local that typically involves a flight.  I try and combine it with some place I can mountain bike as well.  I have never shot Area 1, nor have I been to Idaho, so I was thinking I could scratch two things off my list.  Any feedback on the crew that runs Area 1?  Decent match?



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I'm part of that crew, so take this with a grain of salt.... in 2020 the scamdemic caused the washington club to have to postpone hosting A1. Our MD had already done some legwork and planning to put in a bid for the following year, so our club (Nampa Rod and Gun Club) voted to take it on with about 6 weeks notice to pull it all together. Due to the very short timeframe, we didn't have super-elaborate props or circus stages, but IMHO we did have a nice selection of challenging and interesting stages that required some thought and some shooting skill in order to excel. Everything ran on time, no stages were thrown out, and everyone I talked to spoke highly of the level of organization and execution. The same MD is running it for 2022, so I expect it to be very well-run again. I'll be CRO'ing a stage, and we'd love to have you come visit.

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