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Have to choose between competitions and hunting

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What interests your son?  Is he interested in competition?


Competition is (can be) year-round while hunting is seasonal.  Which would see you and he spending the most time together?


I would lean to competition as allowing more overall time together between practice and matches.

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Competition for me because I want my kid to view it like an after school type of activity when he gets older. Hunting will come eventually and we’ll probably look to a guide to help us get into that. I’d rather have gun master the fundamental through competition though.  That’s just my opinion. 

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8 minutes ago, Shootingaggie said:

All good points. He is still too young for competition, but enjoys taking pictures of the wildlife and helping in the hunt. 

Next year we start 4-H shooting


How old is your son? My son started shooting USPSA at 9 years old. I just remember 4-H had an older start then USPSA, at least that's what I think I remember lol. We've competed and hunted for years together. Basically we would hunt whenever there wasn't a match going on and it was season, living in Texas basically there's a match year round somewhere. I guess what I'm saying is there's plenty of time to do both, and there's nothing keeping you from doing some practice or even shooting a match or two a month during hunting season. Really just depends on how much free time you have and how much other crap you have going on. We've always been a guns first family though so that seems to be what was always going on, we weren't distracted with soccer or anything lol


Good luck

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I’m battling this process now, but for myself lol. Spring turkey kicks off in about four weeks. I only have one match planned during season and that’s just because I’ve never shot an area match before. That and it should be a quick one being SC and I can get back out to the field. As much as I want to shoot matches, I want to get a turkey with a bow bad. It’ll be my first one with a bow so it’s peaked my interest. Just part of the balancing game I suppose. 

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