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I got a call the other day from a rep at CHL targets stating they were a USPSA approved vendor and had some decent prices on IPSC/USPSA/IDPA targets and I'm wondering if any club or person has purchased from them in the past and how their experience was.


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So I gave them a try.

- Ordered on January 7th. Zero communication from their side.

- Order hasn’t shipped for a week plus.

- No reply to my emails back to the return address on the invoice. (1/12 and 1/20)

- This went on for nearly 2 weeks. 

- Sent a reply through the contact form on the website on 1/20 and was promptly replied to by someone telling me they were out of shipping boxes for my order (seemed strange for a company that deals in cardboard)

- Was told the boxes were in and it would ship on Monday 

- The order actually shipped immediately on Friday and arrived to me by Monday 


Ordered 100 IPSC and 100 USPSA targets to test them out. The IPSC targets are exactly as expected. Good perfs. Proper thickness. 

The USPSA targets are ultra thin. Also good perfs, but thin. Approximately 60% the thickness. You can see in the photo… 100 IPSC targets versus 100 USPSA targets.  





Communication is poop. USPSA target style of questionable quality.   



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Finally got all of our targets from them, good perfs and decent cardboard quality. We made a rather large order and they did not have the stock on hand to fulfill the order quickly. We also had a problem with our local mail carrier and had a bunch of targets returned to sender because they are borderline incompetent. Overall happy with price and quality of targets just be prepared for a little bit of a wait, especially if you place a large order. I would definitely buy from them again, just a smaller order.

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