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9mm 1911 Recoil Springs

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I'm looking to get a 1911 chambered in 9mm to shoot some single stack occasionally at local USPSA matches. I'd like to use the same ammo (147gr Brass Monkey Bullets and 3.2gr N320) that I use in my Canik TP9SFX carry optics gun.


Would I just match the same weight recoil spring that I use in my Canik or is there more to it cycling correctly than just replacing a recoil spring?

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No, the "weight" of spring in your Canik will not translate 1:1 into what is appropriate for our 1911.


You'll get opinions from 8# to 13#.  It'll depend on the load, the gun, the mainspring as to how low you can go and what you ultimately prefer.


My 5" 1911s are happy in the 10 to 12 pound range using 135 gr loads at 1000 fps with a 17# mainspring.

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Some of the companies have "test" or "set up" packages of springs. They run in 3s (those I have purchased), like 10lb, 11lb and 13lb.  Pick whichever you want to test.

Different companies vary the weights as they package them. Nice to be able to try several at one time.

As stated above, all are different. My 5" I run a 10lb. 6" I run 11lb (5" spring BTW), my TP9SFX I run a Glock 13lb.

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