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Sanctioned Matches


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My only guess is to encourage people to be in a division and participate in their local stuff, where most people get classified. Especially since idpa is set up you can be classified in just one attempt.


Oh and to be classified you have to be a member, so a small amount of dollar intake for them.


And maybe there was some issue at some time and the rule was a reaction to something someone did that the org didn't like.


It seems to be endemic in idpa that people value a "match bump" in classification over a change made on shooting the classifier. So people are constantly bouncing around between divisions. For example you're mm in cdp and you get a bump to ss at your state match. Well then rather than stay in cdp most people will then pick one or two other divisions and shoot them until they make ss in those divisions. Then they'll try to make ex in a division and when that happens they abandon the division to try and make ex in other divisions. So there is this constant back and forth between divisions.

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I always assumed it's mean to keep your classification on par with your skill level. If you're practicing regularly for a year you should be better than you were and shooting a classifier will make you're classification reflect what ever your current skill level is. It's kind of a flaw in the USPSA system, if you shoot one match a month and there aren't matches in the winter in your part of the country you might only get 6-8 classifiers a year. So it's not crazy for your class to lag behind your skill, and you see some B class dude crush souls at a Area match. I still think uspsa has the best system, it's just not perfect.


The flaw in IDPA's logic is what rowdy pointed out, nobody wants to shoot the classifier they want match bumps. So the classifier is just a formality that never reflects the shooters ability's. 

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