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holster hanger attachments to keep the hanger from digging into your leg?

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Are there any products like in the title?  I have looked and not found any.  Maybe I'm not looking hard enough.  It's the kind of thing I'd normally make myself but I want to see what's out there first.  For reference, I have a couple Aandabooks Ebay hangers and both are rock solid.  But any match longer than a local, and it starts to get really uncomfortable digging into my thigh.

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I have the same hangers, and find that the right spot on the belt makes all the difference. If you put the hanger closer to the 3 o’clock position rather than closer to 2 o’clock, it won’t dig in. You’ll get used to the draw pretty quickly. 

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Depending on your holster you can probably make a similar thing at home and attach it. I have seen pix of home made ones before on this forum too I think, they must work as advertised as a lot of manufacturers have them as accessories.

Yes I use one on my DAA holster. 

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If it's working that fine. A simple and elegant solution.


I kept wondering how sensitive the outside of your leg must be to be that irritated, but 1:30? That explains it. 


Way back in the 20th Century, when all this stuff started, it wasn't too long before people were sporting holsters of leather and steel being worn the same way. Pretty fast from what they say. 

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