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Mossberg JM 940 Pro

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Anyone using a Mossberg JM 940 Pro for competition?  I was going to buy one but saw a couple terrible reviews on reliability on YouTube.  Also, I did a research her and found nothing.  Any feedback would be appreciated. 

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Not entirely on topic, but my buddy’s 930 has almost never run reliably. Another buddy who does very well in 3 gun repeatedly criticizes the Mossbergs for their issues. He swears by Benellis. Hope this helps. 

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2 hours ago, Boomstick303 said:

I wonder if JM is happy his name is associated with that shotgun?

I don't know, he's associated with that magnetic buffer. Whether it works or not, all of the promotional video I've seen for it is so bad it makes Vince from shamwow look legit.

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Have been running a 930 for about 5 years, and the 940 appears to be a 930 with lots of parts either sourced or copies of Oregon 3G upgrades.

The ONLY reason I went w the 930 is low cost compared to competition, but the 940 is close to the 1301, another gas operated SG.

OP, check out the 930 threads on BE.com to get a background, as it seems the 940 likely has similar if not identical issues to the 930. It took me a year or two

to get the springs balanced, sharp corners and loading port sorted out, but now it is a sewing machine. Will it last as long as a 1301? Not likely but I am not a high

volume SG user. So if you like to tinker and have some mechanical skills, the 940 MIGHT be a good choice, but if you want reliability from the start, unfortunately would

recommend a 1301 or a recoil operated SG such as Benelli or Stoeger.

Sad that Mossberg could not work out the bugs in the 940.



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When I was buying my 3gun shotgun a few years ago I went thought the same thing for low cost options of the 930 vs m3k and ended up with a franchi affinity 3. Paid about $600 for the gun and 150 for a tube and it'll eat anything without issue. I would have likely gotten the m3k if it wasn't sold out everywhere and then I can across a video of the affinity vs an M2 and there are a ton of crossover parts there and it sold me. I've probably got over 3k rounds through it in a couple of years between 3gun, sporting clays, and hunting and haven't had a single issue.


People complain about the slightly heavier recoil of an inertia gun but I'm a duck hunter running 3 and 3.5 in shells through a pump before so both guns felt soft shooting for me.

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