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Brian Enos's Forums... Maku mozo!

I figured I should probably join this forum as well.


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As much as I frequent gun forums I've more than once found myself getting directed to this place. 


Constantly looking up open gun build questions, and again and again I find myself here even just in my browser results. 


So what the heck, here I am, now registered on yet another gun forum. 


Me: late 40's and a competitive shooter whenever I can get the time. Between work, kids, and life, competitive shooting is "my thing" I try and do. 


I'm located in California, so a lot of my firearm choices, and build directions are hampered by legal restrictions. Nothing can't be circumvented (except magazine capacity, and rifles with pistol grips) by throwing money at a restriction, but at some point the want and cost balance has to come into play rationally.  


My competitive shooting has lately been bi-monthly bullseye shooting with my local club, and a monthly steel challenge match. 

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Welcome!  Like yourself, been shooting quite a while and stopping in occasionally so signed up recently.  You get out what you put in, as always, so ask questions when you need to and help out when you can!  Sorry about the CA things...

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