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ATTN Match Directors - Significant Discount for 3D Stage Builder Design Kits


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If you're a match director, I'm offering kits at $70/each. Your name should be listed as the contact under the https://uspsa.org/find-a-club page or otherwise be able to provide sufficient evidence that you're responsible for the design/setup/operations of the club.


https://www.fgsengineering.com/product/3d-stage-builder-kit-uspsa/ to see what all is included, but everything is pictured below.


Take advantage of this special pricing by sending me a PM on the forum or email me at INFO at FGSENGINEERING dot COM.



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7 minutes ago, Nathanb said:

Ugh. I have so much money tied up in this already. 

That's one of the reasons I'm trying to give MDs and their crew a break on the pricing because everything is getting stupid expensive before we even consider the price of components/ammo. My raw material cost went up about 15% a few months ago and so far I've managed to not increase my prices.

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