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i think the TS2 is only supposed to be a replacement for the old TS model and not the TSO iirc. the TS2 bronze is supposedly the replacement although theres no word of when or even if that is coming stateside. and the MSRP of 2650 euros for the TS2 bronze is really really steep and honestly i dont think its worth it at that price over a TSO for 2k USD. one of the TS2 reviews did mention that we're supposed to get a 40sw TS2 though.

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I am waiting to see when the TS 2 Deep Bronze makes it over here.  I have to assume it will given all the other such versions have i.e all the other Orange versions.   Also nice to see that it does come with  a standard slide lock assembly but also just the pin.  Looks weird in all the  promos with that square hole just empty.  Not sure what the marketing team was thinking putting it out there like that.  I have seen numerous shots of it for sale in Europe with the lever.


I really like the reduced grip size of the frame even with 


I have to think CZ Customs will find a way to get a batch in.

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On 9/1/2021 at 4:31 PM, midatlantic said:

Seems CZCustom has put their TSOs, 9 and 40, on sale, knocking off $300.


They know something we dont?




I think what they know is they got a huge shipment and need to move inventory. All the distributors have bunches of them all of a sudden. Normally when I check inventory they have usually none, or up to 5-30 or so. When I checked the other day some distributors had hundreds! Im not talking about any flavor CZ, but hundreds of TSO's in 9mm and 40.

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They let the future open to a .40 model but from the people I talked to there’s no plans as of now. 
I think they would have said if there in the works and they’ll be over in the US shortly. 
I hope I’m wrong. 
who knows maybe the top end model will be in .40 also. But if it’s 3000$ 

don’t bother. 

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