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Right Side Magazine Release (Mitchell Custom)


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Just sharing experiences with you all. I have now tracked down 2 of the mitchell custom mag catches. First was the one I sent to mitchells to have the button replaced because it looked like the image below. It took 5.5 months to drive out 2 roll pins and replace. Charged 50. Steep if you ask me. BUT was also able to track down a second one (pictured below). I don't think I will go through the same process. I know Jimmy was probably getting really tired of me calling for updates. (primarily just because I've had bad experiences before with my stuff not being returned.)


I was one of the unlucky few that had their Hudson H9 forfeited because I sent mine if for a striker replacement. While they had it they declared bankruptcy and claimed to have destroyed all of them. Daniel Defense bought all the tooling, and leftover parts I believe.


I guess what I'm saying is that this'll sit in my bag. Don't know if I'll need it. The buttons are robust so I don't think my first one will break. These are rare items, not made anymore.

A couple of companies (one in Austria and the other in Australia) make similar parts but they do not ship to US because of the category the part falls into; you'd need an import broker unless you knew of someone over there that you'd trust enough to send it as a misc item. I've talked to a couple guys that did just that; listed it as a 'metal sample' or 'fidget device'.




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Years ago, I swung by Jimmie's place to buy some bullets...while I was there, I had him install a right side release on my Para...ended up with bullets, mag release and some powder. I found him to be a true gentleman.

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