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RL1100 300 BO and 223 conversion kit similarities

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Good morning Cooper - I am going to say no for a coupe of reasons - but I stand to be corrected by anyone here who knows better.
1> The powder funnel would be different because the case opening is larger on the 300 and

2> Dillon Precision shows two completely different numbers for each CC kit on their website (20485 vs. 62374).

3> The case feed sleeve that goes into you case feed system would be different because the 300 is shorter.

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compare the two kits . you will find you only need 2 maybe 3 parts to build the other.

this should be quite a savings over buying two complete kits.  i believe you will only need powder funnel,

and the two case feed parts. case hold down could be eliminated or purchase a universal one.

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AHI and Dan - Great points that I had not thought about.  

With the costs of everything related to reloading (especially Dillon Precision items) continuing to go up this is a great way to save a few bucks…..I will have to remember this as I add additional calibers to my XL650 reloading group (I use my 650 for many calibers because I have quite a few tool heads, stands, and some caliber conversion kits….)

Another learning opportunity for me….. 

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Alright so here are my findings. I knew the 223 XL750 kit would work for 300 Blackout. The only thing I change was to an AK powder funnel and I was in business. 

Now on to the RL1100. I use a #3 shell plate the same for .223 and the white, pinned case feed insert. It works just fine for 300 blackout. I use a universal FW Arms swage foot die and that is perfect. All I do is swap out tool heads. This is a savings of 600$ or more. Pass this along to anyone that is interested. 

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